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Meet some of our people below and find out what they enjoy about their role at New Zealand Racing Board and why they think it's a great place to work.

  • Dan Smith
    Manager Insights & Analytics, Strategy & Transformation

    I started working for the NZRB part-time as a Phonebet operator while I was studying at Uni. The call centre was largely made up of students and was loads of fun - a great introduction to the business. I have worked across most business units and my current role is Manager, Insights and Analytics in the Strategy Team. My responsibilities include supporting the development and planning of our Corporate Strategy and managing our market and customer research programme.

    My interest in Racing is in the blood, with my uncle previously a horse trainer. I have owned shares in horses and greyhounds (not many fast ones) over many years and enjoy the thrill of having a small interest with mates.

    The NZRB provides a number of opportunities where you can transfer your knowledge and skillset into a range of different roles – like I have. I love working for a business with amazing people who share a common passion for our products, and delivering to our customers.

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  • Grant Peck
    Bookmaker - Sports Betting

    I have always had a passion for Sports and Racing. My frequent trips to the racecourse as a new born, having a successful sporting family and participating in sports all my life has only enhanced it. With Baypark Speedway at my "back door" as a kid and family friends with racing cars, my love for Speedway and Motorsport in NZ and around the world was ignited.

    After spending 20yrs diversifying in the IT industry, I looked for an opportunity to finally follow my passion and began work with a dynamic team at Greerton TAB. My natural ability to strategise, analyse, create pools and educate our punters on new betting options allowed me to thrive in my role as a TAB retail operator.

    The NZ Racing Board offers excellent career opportunities and within 12 months I was presented with choices to further my career. I chose the Sports Betting Team and was fortunate that my family were willing to come along for the big move to Wellington!

    As a Sports Bookmaker I set the opening odds on all sports events and manage "live" options for our customers to wager on. My role is a specialised and unique job and I enjoy analysing form and statistics for sports from around the world. I work with a fantastic team, who have a wealth of knowledge in sports. It is fast paced and no two days are ever the same!

    The NZRB offers me flexible hours for my family with a great culture of business and future internal progression and opportunities as I grow my skill base. This is where you can find a career with whatever you are passionate about...

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  • Jess Davidson
    Presenter, Broadcasting

    I worked in the Harness Racing industry and was lucky enough to be approached by the NZ Racing Board to join the organisation within the Broadcasting department in 2007, as a Trainee Producer. I am now a Presenter for our two television channels, TAB TV and Trackside Television, presenting on racing product to viewers.

    A typical day starts with studying each race I will be covering and each runners form, and also keeping up to date on the racing industry and NZ Racing Board news and promotions, before heading to the Avalon studio's for filming. I also assist with the production and promotion of US Harness Racing to our New Zealand audience through direct contact with the Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey.

    What I enjoy most about my role is the people I get to work with on a day to day basis. I am a part of a passionate and hardworking team, that never falter in delivering the best possible product for our customers, often in high pressure situations. Working in such a specialised field, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of knowledge and passion around me for the racing industry. To have so much experience, skill and knowledge in one field all under one roof is something to be very proud of and celebrated. There is always an opportunity to improve and expand our knowledge, and also create new projects and ideas.

    I love my role and being able to work in and give back to, an industry I am so passionate about. It just goes to show you can go from literally picking up horse manure as a stable hand each morning, to becoming a presenter if you set your mind to it!

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  • Jess Murphy
    Judicial VT Operator, Broadcasting

    I always loved going to the races and always wanted a job within the racing industry. I first worked for the NZ Racing Board in the summer of 2010/2011 in Otago and Southland, setting up the racecourse before race meets and assisting the clubs. I found the organisation really dynamic and loved it, so after my contract, I looked out for a permanent role and later landed one in the Broadcasting team.

    As a Judicial VT Operator, I essentially control all the judicial cameras at race meetings. I never wanted a sedentary office job where you're inside all day and at the same time it was important to me to have a role that challenges me mentally and this job gives me that. I enjoy working as part of a close knit team and the amount of variety in my work. Seldom are you ever at the same track twice in a week! Working for the Trackside TV Channel within the Broadcasting department is great because it is not a Monday to Friday 9-5 job. It involves travelling and getting to be in different parts of the countryside, always surrounded by different scenery.

    We're all encouraged to learn other roles in the team so I can now also do Vision Control and have started directing greyhound races. When I first started I already held a Class 2 Heavy Traffic license, and NZ Racing Board put me through my Class 4 licence, which enables me to drive our large Broadcasting trucks. I really enjoy driving the truck and showing the males I work with that a blonde 21 year old can drive big trucks too!

    I love how NZ Racing Board is so diverse and unique, there is no other place like it. There are many different departments so if you want to change direction and work in a different area, you could probably find what you are looking for. The organisation is flexible and considers your needs - you are not just seen as 'another person' here.

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  • Nathan Greenham
    Head of Elite Services

    Working for the New Zealand Racing Board allows me to indulge in my passion for wagering, racing and sports, every day.

    As the Head of Elite Services, my role is to oversee a program that manages our high turnover customers, known as Elite customers. The Elite Services Unit team members are responsible for marketing, events and the account management of our customers and whilst our part of the business can be very challenging, it can also be highly rewarding.

    My team and I thrive on the opportunity to manage our Elite customers, they are of significant value to us and we take this responsibility very seriously.

    We also lucky enough to be able to work with colleagues across various parts of our business so we get the share our passion with others.

    The NZRB is a great place to work, my team and I continue to learn new things & find new challenges every day.

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  • Sarah Rodger
    Retail Support Manager

    My first job within the industry was working at the TAB throughout university. I loved it and knew I had found a passion for something I previously knew very little about. I graduated and moved in to my field of study, while also continuing to work at the TAB on the occasional weekend – just for fun!

    A few years later, an opportunity became available within the People Team at NZRB. I jumped at the chance to get back in to the industry and became a Capability Advisor. Drawing on my experience as a TAB operator my job was to find, develop, and implement learning and development opportunities for the retail network.

    After some time another opportunity within the business came my way. Today I am a Retail Support Manager for the TAB and I am responsible for the implementation and delivery of retail training programs, operations support and selected project execution. I am just one of many who started their NZRB career working part time at the TAB and I think it is a real testament to the nature of the NZRB that there are opportunities available to move throughout the business.

    Besides having a passion for racing and sports, the people make the NZRB a fantastic place to work. Whether it be
    catching up for coffee with someone from Finance, having lunch with someone from Broadcasting, or discussing an outcome from a sports game with someone from Strategy - every Business Unit is full of people who are willing to help and make you feel welcome.

    I feel lucky to be part of an organisation that is so unique and full of people who share the same passion. It’s awesome to know I am contributing to something literally thousands of people across New Zealand care about.

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