Working With Us

When you join us you're not just an employee, you're part of something big, part of a team making a difference and creating success. You won't be working "for" us but working "with" us, building your career as you build success.

The New Zealand Racing Board's driving ambition is to be one of the country's leading employers by creating an environment that's engaging, supportive, open, caring and goal-oriented.

We offer careers in Racing and Wagering, Sales and Marketing through to Technology and Media. Some of the positions that we employ are completely unique in New Zealand to the New Zealand Racing Board, such as Traders and Raceday Controllers.

Why should you join us?

Our focus is on our people

That's the philosophy that drives everything we do, from customers and stakeholders to staff and contractors. We're all in this together and we're committed to doing things right. We want the business to grow and we want you to grow with us.

Be part of something "bigger"

The New Zealand Racing Board is a truly unique and diverse business. Given we're a totally Kiwi operation, what we do touches the lives of a huge number of people the length and breadth of the country. We're generating income for the country, creating jobs and directly contributing to the livelihoods of more than 50,000 people. We're an integral part of cities, towns and communities nationwide. It's a big responsibility but one the organisation is committed to. We want you to be actively involved in this.

We're flexible and supportive

Life's busy - we totally get it. We all have responsibilities and commitments outside the office, so we seek to provide arrangements that work for you. We also offer a range of additional benefits including fully subsidised medical insurance and health and fitness facilities. Incidentally, it goes without saying that our remuneration levels are among the most competitive in the country.

We're challenging, innovative and progressive

Given the scope of what we do, career possibilities and advancement opportunities are wide-ranging. We cover the country and have a broad scope of operations and opportunities. We're committed to providing an environment that encourages people to develop and advance their careers within the NZ Racing Board by offering ongoing training and development programmes to help you achieve your career and personal goals.

Just because it's "work" it doesn't mean it can't be fun

We work hard, so having a fun working environment is paramount. Along with social club events, staff functions and general social gatherings, we seek to offer a working environment that's enjoyable all day, every day.

We offer more

The NZ Racing Board offers its employees a host of benefits which currently include:

Health Insurance

Permanent salaried employees are eligible to participate in a fully subsidised medical scheme. This enables employees, their spouse and children up to 18 years old to join a health insurance plan and receive cover at no cost to them.

Wellness Initiatives

In addition to fully subsidised health insurance, the NZ Racing Board offers employees other ways to stay well including flu vaccinations in winter; Employee Assistance Programme, worksite assessments, and in some offices, access to an onsite cafeteria. The NZ Racing Board also encourages and sometimes funds participation in sporting events.

Social Club

The Social Club in each region is funded by the NZ Racing Board, with the aim of drawing on staff enjoyment of their colleagues' company, and encouraging social interaction. Fun in the workplace is an important element of life at the NZ Racing Board. We're in the business of entertainment, and you've got to enjoy your working life to do well at it.

Education Support

Employees wanting to pursue external study that is related to their work may be eligible to seek financial support from the NZ Racing Board as well as leave to attend exams and lectures. New Zealand Racing Board also offers financial support towards memberships of relevant professional associations for employees.

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